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Launching SOON IN Dublin!


Start your subscription today with FROG TO GO!

Rolling monthly rental,

No long term commitments.

Lets GO!

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Enjoy peace of mind with every ride!


Third party liability insurance included


Home battery charger supplied


Home delivery or collection within 24h


On demand service
& maintenence


Flexible subscriptions from 1 month only!

The FROG ToGo electric moped is custom designed for our subscription program. Built with extended range, super reliable parts and an easy-to-use interface, it ticks all the boxes for a safe and fun daily rider.


The new FROG ToGo subscription gives you the flexibility to ride on your own terms, without the hassle and cost of ownership.

What you can expect from FROG?

With a FROG ToGo Subscription you are not just getting an electric moped. Once you sign-up with FROG ToGo you can expect:

1) Third-party liability Insurance included.

2) Ready to be collected in a little as 24 hours, or for an additional fee, delivery to your chosen address.

3) Full on-demand maintenance, which includes wear & tear.

4) Use of the FROG ToGo App: you can use this to lock/unlock your vehicle remotely, see remaining charge, and the location of your vehicle in real-time.

With FROG ToGo you are getting piece of mind that not only is the cost fixed, but all the added benefits mean that you do not have the hassle of unplanned costs later in the year:

Enjoy peace of mind with the
FROG To Go "no worries" promise:



The frog e-Moped.

Custom designed to be your ultimate delivery machine.

  • MAX SPEED - 70 km/h / 44 mph.

  • BATTERY - Removable 2x48V 35,2Ah Li-iON.

  • RANGE - 85 km / 49 miles (eco mode).

  • POWER - Fully Electric 3 Kw / 35 Nm.

  • WEIGHT - 95 kg (battery included).

  • CHARGE TIME - 6 hours.

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Registration form

Sign up now to reserve your ride! No payment required until contract starts.


Thanks your reservation! you will receive an email or call with the next steps.

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What makes our Mopeds so special?

No matter what, you’re bound to fall in love with our state-of-the-art FROG electric moped, because it is the first lightweight electrical moped designed to move you around with no hassles. It’s super-easy to drive, comfortable, has a small boot for a jet or demi-jet helmet and comes with LED lights in front and back, disk brakes and everything you are looking for to move you around the city in a fun, safe, efficient way. Its informal, extroverted aesthetic was designed for people like you who value time and practicality above all else.


Under its careful “friendly moped” appearance is state-of-the-art technology designed to propel you around the city efficiently thanks to its electronic controller, which connects with the latest smartphones for total control. 


DISPLAY - Intelligent, LCD 4” customised via APP (iOS / Android).

COMMUNICATIONS - Torrot ECU (Electronic Control Unit) CAN-BUS / Bluetooth / OBD.

WEIGHT - 95 kg (battery included).

CHARGER  - 48V (54.6V max. voltage) 5A double Torrot battery charger (6 hours). 


The moped has removable batteries which you can easily recharge anywhere. Charge them in just four hours wherever and however you want: in the garage, at the office or at public charging points. Plus, depending on your needs, the moped can be configured to fit you: choose it with more or less power depending on how you’re going to use it.


When designing the moped, we thought first and foremost about its final weight, so we developed a robust yet lightweight chassis which has been given an innovative rear shock absorber system. Along with its front hydraulic fork, it will provide you with impressive agility and easy handling and stability, largely thanks to its small size and height. Plus, with the Ottr moped you have unmatched power.


  • Tubular steel frame

  • FRONT SUSPENSION Hydraulic telescopic fork

  • REAR SUSPENSION Side monoshock with preload adjustment

  • RIMS / TYRES Aluminium 16" x2.15 / 90/80 - 16


BRAKES - Hydraulic combined brake system (cbs) 220mm front / 190mm rear


POWER - 4,1CV (3 Kw) / 35 Nm

MAX SPEED - 70 km/h / 44 mph

TRANSMISSION - Toothed belt HTD 5:1

BATTERY - Removable 2x48V 35,2Ah Li-iON

ESTIMATED RANGE - 85 km / 49 miles (eco mode)

SMART Dashboard

  • LCD 4"Display.

  • CANBUS communications + Bluetooth.

  • Remote diagnosis by APP + Diagnosis OBD-1 (Normative).

  • It allows direct communication with Ottr, with GPRS data.

  • Management modes of consumption.

  • Allows keyless ignition system.

  • Selection by the user between 3 display configurations via the App.

Made in EU

Peace of mind that our Mopeds have undergone the most stringent testing to comply with the most strict EU safety certifications.

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